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"Another Day Another Bullet" Wins Video Of The Year in 2019 New England Music Awards

The music video for "Another Day Another Bullet" from the EP "Theory of History: Part 2", directed by Dom Portalla has won the Video of the Year award at the 2019 New England Music Awards.

Munk details the song, "During the “Theory of History” writing sessions, “Another Day Another Bullet” came into existence in reaction to one of the Mass Shootings that occurred during that period. What makes my blood run cold is that I cannot remember which one… because there were so many. I didn’t want to write this song, and after I did, I didn’t want to share it. I clung to the hope that the latest tragedy would be the last, and the topic would become old news. Then it happened again… and again… and again."

“Another Day Another Bullet” is not about my opinion. The word “I” does not appear anywhere in the lyrics. The song consists of five stories that follow the cause and effect of Gun Violence, designed to allow the listener to come to their own conclusions. It illustrates human loss, not the politics or the tools utilized to perpetrate these horrors. The song’s purpose is to highlight the flesh and blood cost in these scenarios. Neighbors, family, friends, fellow citizens… not some abstract statistic or sensationalized “Breaking News” story, but flesh from real people who were lost or have lost."

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