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Munk Duane is the founder of Bad Stella Studios and has composed music that has appeared in hundreds of TV and Film productions, including complete original scores for feature films.


• 60 Minutes
• 70th Annual Tony Awards
• American Gothic (CBS Promo)
• Blue Bloods
• CBS Morning News (promo)
• CBS NFL: 2009-2011 (107 Games)
• CBS Sports NCAA: 2007-2012
• CBS Sports Desk (Golf)
• CBS This Morning
• Charmed (WB)
• Conned (Feature Film 2011) - full score, titles and original songs
• Criminal Minds
• Hawaii Five-O
• Home Depot Second On CBS
• Infinity Hardcore Brackets Show
• Let's Make a Deal
• One Life To Live (45 episodes)
• Madame Secretary (CBS Promo)
• Mom (CBS Promo)
• NCAA Championship Selection Show
• NCAA March Madness: 2007-2011
• NCAA Road To The Final Four
• NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS Promo)
• NCIS: New Orleans (CBS Promo)
• NFL Today

• Pam & Tommy (Hulu)
• Person of Interest (CBS Promo)
• PGA Golf (CBS Promo)
• Scorpion (CBS Promo)

• Super Bowl XLIV Half-Time Show (CBS)
• The Bold and the Beautiful
• The Herd With Colin Cowherd
• The House Across The Street (Feature Film 2015) - full score (58 cues plus title themes and original songs) staring Eric Roberts & Ethan Embry
• The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (CBS Promo)
• The Revolution
• The Sopranos (HBO)
• The Talk (CBS Promo) 
• UEFA World Cup Qualifying Highlights
• Undercover Boss (CBS Promo)
• U.S. Open Tennis
• Young and the Restless (22 episodes)

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