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"Fanblade" Drops 11/20. Third and Final Single Release for 2020.

On Friday, November 20, Munk Duane will release his third and final single of the year called "Fanblade". The funk anthem, which features special guest drummer Matt Heisler and the return of bass player Steve Davis, who also played on "Sweet Tooth" (10/23/20) and "Dangerous" (8/21/20) takes aim with its Anderson .Paak esque, Neo-Soul meets James Brown grease, at the Social Media phenomenon of knowingly engaging in volatile exchanges without realistic expectations of altering an adversary's perspective in the outcome. "We've all been there on the socials.", explains Munk. "We come across a post in diametric opposition to our own sensibilities, drenched in what we perceive as condescending language, inaccuracies and bias, and knowing full well that an individual's mind can't be changed, we engage in the argument anyway. It reminds me of a child's temptation to stick their hand into a running fan, despite knowing with 99.9% certainty that it's going to hurt. Something drives us to explore the .1% chance that the outcome will be different than what we expect. We are almost always wrong." "Fanblade" was mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering in LA. Brian mastered Munk's previous single "Sweet Tooth" as well as grammy winning albums by The Black Keys and artists such as Lucinda Williams, Arctic Monkeys and Chet Faker.


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