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Indie Source Calls Munk, "Ingenious, Urban and Confident"

Munk Duane Goes the Distance with "Sweet Tooth"

We're Hooked and you will be too!

From Indie Source Magazine 11/12/2020. Written by Emily Hinde.

Munk Duane shines in his new saccharine single, “Sweet Tooth” about a lover too bad to be good for him. The soulful track layers a laid back synth with Steve Davis lying down a funky bass and Duane’s subtle rasp making for an almost far-out vibe. Duane slinks through the piece, using his voice to really play with the other instruments as he laments the downfalls of a one night stand.

Since his debut, Munk Duane has refined his singer/songwriter sound to craft an expressive novel voice that showcases how flexible he can be. His gruff adds some steamy sugar to the mix as he whispers, “I’m sure it would be hot to taste you” trying to resist the urge to fall for a sweetheart, before admitting, “the high from your sugar is a miscue.” After winning Best Male Performer at The New England Music Awards, the artist, producer, and composer went back to work, pushing even harder to bring the likes of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Prince to a new generation. Duane pools his expertise to show off a different side of his artistry, one more urban and confident.

On his new single, Munk Duane is mixing his ingenious composing skills with a mastery of pop that makes the sound his own. Complimented by his seasoned lyricism, growling, “For you it’s a quick hit, to me it’s a cheap trick” Duane finds his footing in R&B Funk while leaning into the soul that sets his music apart. The sensual mood of the track spotlights his new found sense of conviction, one that seems is here to stay. 


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