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Smart Sleep Co. Hatch Taps Munk Duane For Custom Channel

The smart sleep device company Hatch contracted composer Munk Duane to create an entire custom channel for the product. Munk recorded over 10 hours of exclusive original content that follows specific data and scientific methodology to help users wind down, sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. Hatch is the second company Munk has worked with to help restless souls reach an optimal sleep state. His previous engagement composing for the Bose Sleepbud II helped inform compositional and sound design choices, specially designed for the task.

"The writing process is counterintuitive to what we associate with traditional composition.", explains Munk. "All of the most intricate parts of the piece happen up front, when the subject is still awake, before systematically stripping away the arrangement over the course of 15 minutes, until you land on a single, subtle tone and an anticipatory repeating pattern that helps facilitate R.E.M.."


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