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New Single "Just A Word" Drops 11/11

Recording Artist Munk Duane will release the follow-up to “Myths" (10/14/22) with a song called "Just A Word" on November 11, 2022.

"This is a song about acknowledgement, be it in a relationship, or when an artist bares their soul releasing something new into the world", Duane explains. "Most of us get so caught up in the self-absorbed, TikTok dopamine hit of the Random Reinforcement principal (the delivery of a reward at irregular intervals) that we stop offering actual words of outward validation that allow another person to feel seen and heard. Words of praise, disagreement or critique, help us orient ourselves. Emojis do not provide any legitimate depth of communication. We are willingly surrendering the power of words, leaving people with a sense of isolation".

Written, performed and produced by Munk Duane at Bad Stella Studios, Boston. Mastered by Brian Lucey (Lizzo, Post Malone, The Black Keys, Twenty One Pilots) at Magic Garden Mastering, Los Angeles.


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